Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lists and lists and lists and lists and....

 So I started making lists. Lists of lists that I want to list. Lists of to-dos, lists of ideas, and yes, lists of lists.
And it's sort of uncovered a slight 'issue' with the Bullet Journal as a one-stop life journal. I think that I could have so many lists that my daily entries will get lost. (I do love lists!).  Having poked around online for suggestions to this issue, somebody suggested keeping TWO bullet journals: One for the day to day and calendar, and one for the longer term, creative idea and project-type entries. Brilliant! So I here goes.  Once again, I turn to my favorite paper books, Miquelrius, but this time the spiral bound, polyvinyl covered 4-subject grid paper book. How perfect is this!  The page edges are in four separate colors, in the event that you want to create separate subject areas. (The pages are still white with the light grid on them). 
Colored page ends
I actually have one of these journals that I use for genealogy research, and use the sections for different family lines.  I'm thinking to use these sections in terms of the creative areas of my life - blogging, quilting, drawing, etc. 

Another very useful thing about the spiral bound journal is that the pages are not only hole-punched, but perforated, so that should you make lists that you'd like to migrate to a more permanent notebook, or even just next year's, they are cleanly removed.

Just thought I'd share these new epiphanies.

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